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New Zealand
lost its sleep during the pandemic.

Did you too lose


It is time to win it all back.
Let’s start with sleep.

We at Beds4U understand the importance of a good night’s sleep, and are doing our bit to bring you closer to your Dream Sleep.
So stop counting sheep, and participate in our contest!

Introducing the

An initiative to help you make up for your lost sleep. Just follow the ‘Steps to Participate’, and you could WIN our charming and irresistible Spine Supporter.

How did the pandemic affect your sleep? Tell us and we’ll help!
Follow these steps to participate:

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Enter your details

02 Step

Share your story with us

03 Step

Share our care card on Facebook and tag us

04 Step

Fingers crossed and hope to win

Share your story

Tell us how COVID-19 affected your sleep and your peace of mind.

Show your story

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Sending love, support and care. You can too, by sharing this care card with someone you love.

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One lucky winner wins our Spine Supporter.

Win back your dream sleep!

  • Proudly New Zealand made

  • Most-loved and known for inducing life changing sleep

  • Premium Queen size bed

  • Silk Enriched Luxurious fabric

  • Offers 7 degrees of posture support

Reclaim your dream sleep with us!